Article Abstract

Femoral neck trapdoor procedure and allograft for the chondroblastoma of the femoral head

Authors: Canhua Ye, Wenwei Qian, Chao Jiang, Shibai Zhu, Xi Chen


The chondroblastoma is a kind of benign bone tumor which mainly arises from epiphyseal plate, including proximal parts of humerus, tibia and the proximal part of the femur. The reported incidence of femoral head chondroblastoma is rare, accounting for approximately 1–2% of bone tumors. The main treatments reported include acetabular osteotomies, osteochondral grafts, and vascularized fibular grafts. We present a case of femoral head chondroblastoma treated with a femoral neck trapdoor procedure and allograft. The hip function of this male patient recovered well, with no recurrence or complications found at 16 months follow-up. This procedure may be a sufficient and safe approach for the chondroblastoma of the femoral head.