Article Abstract

Percutaneous femoroplasty with perioperative nursing consultation relieves pain in patients with metastatic hip tumor

Authors: Jing Li, Jin Wang, Jianfa Xu, Jinming Zhang, Helin Feng


Background: To assess the therapeutic effects of percutaneous femoroplasty (PFP) and perioperative nursing care for treating hip joint bone pain caused by metastatic cancer.
Methods: The proximal femoral bone lesions of 30 patients with metastatic hip tumor were treated with PFP using perfusion bone cement. The appropriate nursing care included comprehensive assessment of patient health and psychological care before surgery, and postoperatively providing instructions for rehabilitation training. Pain intensity was evaluated by visual analogue scale (VAS) and patients’ quality of life (QoL) was evaluated using the Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living (BIADL) and at both before surgery, and 1 week, 3, and 6 months afterward.
Results: All patients recovered well after PFP treatment with perioperative nursing care. VAS scores significantly decreased after PFP intervention compared to the preoperative scores (P<0.05). And the BIADL score increased significantly respectively (P<0.05). No postoperative complications were observed in any patient.
Conclusions: All patients passed the perioperative period safely, and received good results postoperative.