Article Abstract

Robots in orthopedic surgery

Authors: Fei Yu, Lan Li, Huajian Teng, Dongquan Shi, Qing Jiang


Robot as an assistant to orthopedic surgery has been over nearly 20 years. Better accuracy and repeatability can be provided to doctors, especially young under-experienced physicians, by robots. The common systems can be divided into automatic systems, semi-automatic systems, passive systems, according to the degree of automation. It can also be grouped into navigation robots, cutting guide robots, etc. based on the usage in surgeries. Various types of robots that suitable for different areas have advantages and disadvantages. This article summarizes the development history of robots in the medical field and orthopedics, describes the normal working patterns and procedures, lists and evaluates some common robot systems in the field of orthopedics, and gives some prospects for its future.