Article Abstract

Arthroscopy of the pediatric hip

Authors: Sasha Carsen, Diego Tourn, Meaghan Marien, Kevin Smit


The use of hip arthroscopy in pediatric patients has grown considerably in recent years, and many pediatric and adolescent hip pathologies are now being addressed surgically using various arthroscopic techniques. Visualization of the articular surface through a minimally invasive approach makes it a particularly powerful tool, and surgical indications have grown to include everything from labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement through to septic arthritis and deformity. It is important for the pediatric hip arthroscopist to be comfortable with the necessary tools and techniques, but even more so to understand the technical limitations and situations where complementary open and reconstructive approaches are indicated. As techniques and equipment continue to improve and develop, we can expect pediatric hip arthroscopy to progressively expand in scope and popularity.