Article Abstract

Tricks and tips for physical examination of the multiligament injured knee: what we can not forget

Authors: Marcelo Batista Bonadio, Camilo Partezani Helito, Fábio Janson Angelini


The multiligament knee injury may present some challenges in its evaluation during the physical examination. Due to the wide range of lesion patterns and instabilities, a systematic approach to physical examination is essential in such cases. The initial evaluation by inspection and palpation, followed by with the specific tests for each structure, with the evaluation of the cruciate ligaments, then the lateral and medial ligaments in an organized way allows a more accurate diagnosis. It is very important the ability to recognize the meaning of the result of each physical examination test and its variations, to avoid common misinterpretation. This article aims to present the physical examination of the multiligament injured knee in an organized way, pointing out the tips and tricks for the best diagnosis and correct treatment.