Article Abstract

Posterolateral corner repair and reconstruction: overview of current techniques

Authors: Carlos Eduardo Franciozi, Marcelo Seiji Kubota, Rene Jorge Abdalla, Moises Cohen, Marcus Vinícius Malheiros Luzo, Robert F. LaPrade


This manuscript intends to review and discuss the current concepts of posterolateral corner (PLC) repair and reconstruction techniques. There are many different types of repair and reconstruction of the PLC. However, the repairs shall be limited to specific situations and the concept of anatomic reconstructions must be scrutinized, as the indications of these technically demanding procedures. Therefore, this updating study aims to address these topics providing a conceptual approach of PLC techniques, dividing it into three main types: non-anatomic fibular based PLC reconstructions, tibial based two tailed PLC reconstructions non-anatomically reproducing the main PLC structures, and anatomic PLC reconstructions (tibial based two tailed PLC reconstructions anatomically reproducing the main PLC structures). In addition, the authors’ preferred anatomic PLC reconstructions are described, either using allografts or autografts.