Weber type C ankle fracture in a soccer player and the value of a critical analysis by ankle arthroscopy—a case report

Pedro Pinho, Nuno Oliveira, Guilherme França, Jóni Nunes, Bruno Direito-Santos, Tiago Frada, Luís Miguel Silva, Bruno Pereira


A 32-year-old male professional soccer player was tackled during practice on the left ankle. Convectional radiography revealed supra-syndesmotic peroneal fracture (Weber type C) with indirect signs of ankle instability. This type of fractures are often associated with syndesmosis injuries and misdiagnose or malreduction may lead to a long delay in full recovery or even to post-traumatic ankle arthritis. Ankle arthroscopy is becoming a useful and widespread technique with multiple applications. Recently, several studies have supported ankle arthroscopy as the most reliable exam in the diagnose of syndesmosis injuries. In our case, we describe the advantage of complementing conventional open reduction and internal fixation approach of Weber type C ankle fracture with ankle arthroscopy. We were able to verify syndesmosis reduction as well as detect and treat an important talar osteochondral lesion.