Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) for Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)

Posted On 2018-07-05 01:45:41

Guest editor:

Charlie C. Yang, MD
Colorado Joint Replacement, Porter Adventist Hospital, Denver, CO, USA.

This focused issue of Annals of Joint is dedicated to the direct anterior total hip arthroplasty. The total hip arthroplasty has been lauded as one of the most successful surgeries of the 20th century. Over the last three decades, there have been many great improvements and advancements as total hip arthroplasty continues to evolve. Advancements in technology and refined surgical techniques have allowed surgeons to perform the procedure in a more efficient manner with improved outcomes. The longevity of total hip replacements continues to improve as a result of these improvements. One recent advancement is the direct anterior hip replacement, allowing surgeons a muscle-sparing approach to the hip joint. I hope you enjoy and find useful the following articles.


Past, present, and future: comprehensive guide to anterior hip arthroplasty

Charlie C. Yang


Surgical Technique

Surgical approaches for total hip arthroplasty

Marc R. Angerame, Douglas A. Dennis


Surgical technique of direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty on a standard operating room table

David C. Holst, Marc R. Angerame, Charlie C. Yang


Anterior approach total hip replacement (THA) with a specialized orthopedic table

Jakub Tatka, Lorenzo Fagotti, Joel Matta


Review Article

Surgical anatomy of the direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty

David C. Holst, Charlie C. Yang


Advances in instrumentation and enhancing technology for direct anterior hip replacement surgery

J.N. Duke, Charlie Yang


Complications and pitfalls of direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty

Ryland Kagan, Christopher L. Peters, Christopher E. Pelt, Mike B. Anderson, Jeremy M. Gililland


Recovery and outcomes of direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty

Jeffrey J. Barry, John L. Masonis, J. Bohannon Mason


Direct anterior total hip arthroplasty: solicitation and industry

J. Ryan Martin, Oliver B. Nikolaus, Bryan D. Springer


Fluoroscopy use and radiation exposure in the direct anterior hip approach

Brian K. Daines, Charlie C. Yang