Osteotomies and partial replacement in early osteoarthritis of the knee

Posted On 2017-09-18 01:39:53

Guest editor

Luigi Sabatini, MD

Turin University, CTO Hospital Turin, Turin, Italy

Nowadays the alternatives in treating an early knee OA cause great controversies in the scientific community. These chapters pretend to focus on such different strategies and investigate on advantages and disadvantages of them. The hope is that it may open the road to preventive or disease modifying therapies, thus preventing total knee replacement later in life.


Controversies in treatment of early osteoarthritis of the knee

Luigi Sabatini, Andrea Conti


Original Article

Medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

Francesco Atzori1, Matteo Schirò2, Claudia De Feo3, Nicolò Borromeo1, Roberto Russo4


Review Article

Indications and results of high tibial osteotomy

Marcello Capella, Elisa Gennari, Marco Dolfin, Francesco Saccia


Closing wedge tibial osteotomy: is it an actual procedure nowadays?

Lorenzo Mattei, Sara Lea, Giulia Nicolaci, Giovanni Ferrero, Antongiulio Marmotti, Filippo Castoldi


Femoral osteotomies for the valgus knee

Matteo Olivero1, Federica Rosso2, Federico Dettoni2, Matteo Bruzzone2, Roberto Rossi1,2


Lateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: a review of literature

Daniele Imarisio, Andrea Trecci


Patellofemoral knee arthroplasty

Massimo Berruto, Daniele Tradati, Paolo Ferrua, Alessio Maione, Eva Usellini


Total knee arthroplasty after osteotomies around the knee

Salvatore Risitano, Alessandro Bistolfi, Luigi Sabatini, Fabrizio Galetto, Alessandro Massè