Prof. Edmund Y. S. Chao: time is limited, but enthusiasm is unlimited

Posted On 2018-01-16 09:19:16

Edmund Y. S. Chao, member of the American National Academy of Engineering, Emeritus Named Chair Professor at the Mayo Clinic & the Johns Hopkins University. Engaged in biomedical engineering and biomechanical education and the practical scientific research development of orthopedics for nearly half a century. Main Research Areas: fracture repair and internal and external fixation biomechanics; gait analysis, joint/limb function assessment and development of functional indices; limb-salvage and prosthesis design after bone tumor or severe traumatic injury; computer-aided joint osteotomy preoperative planning; pioneered in musculoskeletal graphic and computational models development, simulation of biomechanical analyses and results animation displays. Published more than 356 referred journals publication, more than 200 books chapters and periodicals, written and edited 6 reference books.

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