Hui Zhao, MD (Orthopaedics)

Orthopaedic Department of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China

Dr. Zhao obtained his Medical Doctor degree from Second Military Medicine University in 2012, and now is an associate chief physician in the Orthopaedic Department of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. He is also youth committee of CAOS (Chinese Associate of Orthopaedic Surgery) and associate president of Shanghai Orthopaedic Associate youth committee, as well as many other academic societies.

Dr Zhao focus on the basic and clinical problems in Adult Reconstructive Surgeries, including prostheses design, instruments upgrade, clinical follow-up as well as computer assisted orthopaedic surgery. He published varies papers and applied for potents and scientific funds. As an active and young scholar, Dr Zhao attended in many academic activities and he was invited to give lectures on local and international meeting many times. He received awards in academic activities for dozen times.