The “linked soft tissue guided technique”: a novel method for cutting the tibia while performing a kinematic femoral alignment in total knee arthroplasty

Yaron Bar-Ziv, Konstantin Lamykin, Noam Shohat, Ahmad Jurban, Gabriel Agar, Eran Beit Ner


Kinematic total knee arthroplasty (TKA) has gained much attention in recent years. While most surgeons agree on how to adjust the femoral component, cutting the tibia and restoring it to its pre-arthritic state while maintaining the native laxity of the soft tissue envelope remains an unsolved issue. In this study we present a novel, easy and reproducible technique for cutting the tibia when performing a kinematic TKA. A novel technique for kinematic TKA (“linked soft tissue guided technique”) was developed for planning and executing the tibia cut, without the use of patient specific instrumentations nor navigation. Patient reported outcomes 6 months post op suggested a learning curve of approximately 20 patients. In 26 patients who had undergone a previous mechanical knee arthroplasty, a comparison was made between the two knees in regards to pain and function. Our preliminary results show an advantage for the novel technique regarding patient satisfaction. In conclusion, the “linked soft tissue guided technique” is a simple, comfortable, and a reproducible technique, and may aid surgeons in their transition to kinematic alignment arthroplasties.