Foot & Ankle Surgery

Posted On 2020-07-21 03:23:35

Foot and ankle surgery is one of the fastest growing sub-specialties of Orthopedics. It has come of age with advanced techniques for assessment & reconstruction allowing faster return to normal activities after surgery. The patient expectation of restoration of normal foot and ankle function following treatment has spurred innovative research, and development of surgical and rehabilita-tion techniques which enhance recovery. This is more so with sports injuries and the athletic popu-lation. The main aim of bringing out this Foot & Ankle series has been to highlight recent innova-tive techniques for managing challenging foot and ankle problems.

Foot and ankle reconstruction—enigmas eluding solutions
Vinod K. Panchbhavi, Maninder Shah Singh

Original Article
Tibial sesamoidectomy: indications and outcomes
Jianguang Peng, Jun Kit He, Matthew Christie, Joseph Robin, Haley McKissack, Bradley Alexan-der, Sameer Naranje, Ashish Shah

Charcot foot reconstruction—how do hardware failure and non-union affect the clinical outcomes?
Ingvild Kummen, Ngwe Phyo, Venu Kavarthapu

Comparison of a novel ‘modified full length standing hip knee ankle anteroposterior radiograph’ with the standard hindfoot alignment view radiograph for assessment of hindfoot alignment
Kumar Kaushik Dash, Jennifer Gilchrist, Frederic Picard, Kalpesh Shah

Review Article
Turf toe: review of the literature and surgical technique
Tyler W. Fraser, Jesse F. Doty

Calcaneal osteotomies
Dan Prat, Wonyong Lee, Daniel Charles Farber

Surgical Technique
Charcot midfoot reconstruction—surgical technique based on deformity patterns
Venu Kavarthapu, Alexandros Vris

Case Report
Scintigraphic abnormalities of tibialis posterior tendonitis and their importance
Jeff Peereboom, Jim Peereboom

The series “Foot & Ankle Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Joint without any sponsorship or funding. Vinod K. Panchbhavi and Maninder Shah Singh served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.