Prosthetic Joint Infection

Posted On 2020-11-20 15:21:05

This series on “Prosthetic Joint Infection” is edited by:
- Nemandra A. Sandiford, MRCS, FFSEM (RCSI), FRCS (Tr/Orth), Joint Reconstruction Unit, Southland Hospital, Invercargill, New Zealand;
- Massimo Francescini, Istituto Ortopedico “Gaetano Pini”, Milan, Italy; and
- Daniel Kendoff, Chefarzt, Zentrum für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie, HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch, Berlin, Germany.

This special series focuses on the increasingly important issue of Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI). We present expert reviews of the contemporary and important topics and attempt to shed some clarity on the controversial aspects of management of PJI. We illustrate why this issue is rightly a growing concern in contemporary orthopaedic practice across the globe.

Editorial on Prosthetic Joint Infection
The burden of prosthetic joint infection (PJI)
Nemandra A Sandiford, Massimo Franceschini, Daniel Kendoff

Review Article on Prosthetic Joint Infection
Diagnosing prosthetic joint infection: traditional and contemporary techniques
Martin Sarungi, David Wallace

Biofilm formation in periprosthetic joint infections
Amelia Staats, Daniel Li, Anne C. Sullivan, Paul Stoodley

Classification and management options for prosthetic joint infection
Antonio Pellegrini, Virginia Suardi, Claudio Legnani

A Guide to Debridement, Antibiotics, and Implant Retention
Kenneth Vaz, Adrian Taylor, Ben Kendrick, Abtin Alvand

Contemporary outcomes of debridement, antibiotics and implant retention in knee arthroplasty
Robert Middleton, Andrew Price, Abtin Alvand

Contemporary outcomes of debridement, antibiotics and implant retention (DAIR) in hip arthroplasty
Marie-Ève Bolduc, Daniel Fischman, Ben Kendrick, Adrian Taylor, George Grammatopoulos

Two stage revision: indications, techniques and results
Massimo Franceschini, Leopoldo Pedretti, Vincenzo Cerbone, Nemandra Amir Sandiford

The ‘2-in-1’ stage: indications, technique & results
Phil J. Walmsley

Prolonged antibiotic suppression therapy for infected hip and knee arthroplasty: is this a viable option?
Nemandra A. Sandiford, Luke Granger

Reconstruction following periprosthetic joint infection: cemented or uncemented
Nicholas J. Drayer, Haines K. Paik, Antonia F. Chen

The multidisciplinary approach to managing prosthetic joint infection: could this lead to improved outcomes?
Nemandra A. Sandiford, Konrad Wronka

Original Article on Prosthetic Joint Infection
Comparison of outcomes between static spacers versus articulating spacers in the setting of revision periprosthetic knee infections: a systematic review
Justin Limtong, Tejbir S. Pannu, Jesus M. Villa, Aldo M. Riesgo, Carlos A. Higuera

The series “Prosthetic Joint Infection” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Joint without any sponsorship or funding. Nemandra A Sandiford, Massimo Franceschini and Daniel Kendoff are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.