Sports Related Injuries of the Female Athlete

Posted On 2021-07-09 09:24:45

This series aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most relevant topics in the treatment of female athletes. The aim is to provide the reader with an understanding of how nutritional and mental health affect performance, injury and recovery as well as review the most common injury patterns and their treatments. Our expert contributing authors delve into the risk factors for injury, injury prevention and up-to-date information on treatment, both nonsurgical and surgical. They also provide us with their pearls for treatment, which are invaluable, given their breadth of knowledge and experience.

Optimizing the performance and treatment of the female athlete
Sommer Hammoud, Robin V. West

Review Article
The psychology of the female athlete: how mental health and wellness mediate sports performance, injury and recovery
Christina P. Herrero, Neha Jejurikar, Cordelia W. Carter

Clinical considerations for the assessment, management, and treatment of concussion in females
Katie Stephenson, Melissa N. Womble, Nadia Hawa, R. J. Elbin

The female athlete triad
Amanda Weiss Kelly, Suzanne Hecht

Bone stress injuries in female athletes
Meghan E. Bishop, Alessandra Ahlmen, Jessica Rosendorf, Brandon J. Erickson, Steven Cohen

Early sport specialization in the adolescent female athlete
Todd Hayano, Hillary Plummer, Gretchen Oliver, James R. Andrews

Anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention
Hannah Bradsell, Rachel M. Frank

Optimizing outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in female athletes: from graft choice to return to sport criteria
Elizabeth G. Matzkin, Natalie A. Lowenstein

Evaluation and management of patellar instability
Elizabeth R. Dennis, Simone Gruber, William A. Marmor, Beth E. Shubin Stein

Multidirectional instability in female athletes
Meghan E. Bishop, Heli Patel, Brandon J. Erickson, Christopher C. Dodson

The series “Sports Related Injuries of the Female Athlete” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Joint without any sponsorship or funding. Sommer Hammoud and Robin V. West are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.